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Privacy statement

TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG sincerely welcome you to visit our website and thank you for your attention to the products and services of our company and our company. In the entire transaction process, we attach great importance to the protection of your personal data privacy, and hope that you can feel safe and secure during the visit to the company's website.
Below we will show you what information we will collect during your visit to our website and how we will process this information. TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG is responsible for the operation of all TRUMPF international websites and all related network applications. This privacy statement applies to all websites operated by TRUMPF. The content of the external links on the company's website is not included.

Data Protection Commissioner

Our Data Protection Commissioner and his team are always ready to answer all questions about data protection for you.
Please send your concerns to the following e-mail address: info@cn.trumpf.com

Privacy statement

Personal data refers to any data that is specific to or determines the natural person or objective condition of a natural person. It includes, for example, your real name, your address, your phone number and your date of birth. Other information that is not directly related to your real identity, such as the website of your preference or the number of users of specific websites, etc., are not personal data.

Privacy statement

You have the right to reply, correct, delete or restrict your personal data according to the statutory provisions. In addition, we will provide you with data in a structured, generic and machine readable format. If we use your data according to your consent (for example, when registering our email News), you can revoke your consent at any time. We will not use your data again for this purpose. If we harm your legitimate rights in handling your data, you can contact us for objection. Of course, you can also contact the relevant regulatory authorities at any time.

Privacy statement

When you use our website, search engines and forms collect data in the record file. When browsing our website, our web server will identify data on the connection data of the visitor's computer based on the system security purposes, the pages, dates, and browsing time, the browser and the job system type used by the company's Web site, as well as your connection to the company's website. The web site and other data are constantly stored. Other personal data, such as your name, address, phone number, or email address, will not be collected unless you offer it voluntarily, for example, for registration, a questionnaire, an award contest, a signing contract, or a survey of information. The data stored will be used to track data abuse on website servers (according to the German Federal Data Protection Act thirty-first), which will be deleted later. Within the scope of the law, the last entry time will also be used for advertising purposes.
Personal data use and disclosure of the personal data you provide are used only for specific purposes, such as the technical management of a web page and the realization of your wishes and requirements, in general, to deal with the contract with you or to answer your enquiries. When registered with our B2B entry website, your data will be used for login and advertising activities only for other legal licenses. You can always ask us to stop using your data for advertising purposes. You simply need to brief your letter to the following email address: info (at) cn.trumpf.com.
The TRUMPF group will not pass, sell or transfer your personal data to the third party outside the group, unless it is used for contract signing or for the service products within the scope of the execution of the contract data, or by your explicit permission.

Privacy statement

When your data no longer need to be used for purposes previously described, including checkout operations, we will delete your data. Note that, in order to avoid deleting data from negligence or maliciously causing damage, the data is only blocked in the initial process of data deletion, and the data will be deleted after a period of time. For technical reasons, data duplicates may still exist in data backup files and service mirrors. Such duplicate copies may also be deleted for a period of time due to technical reasons.

Privacy statement

The company's web pages usually use the so-called Session Cookie to store data for the technology session control in your browser memory. When you close the browser, these Session Cookie will also be deleted. Cookie does not contain any personal data. It will lose its function when you leave our website. If you decide not to use Cookie on your computer, you can still browse most of the web pages of our company. However, in some cases, you will not be able to use specific functions or page scopes. In addition, we remind you that browsers usually have the function of managing Cookie. For more detailed information about webpage analysis by using third party Cookie, please refer to the following paragraph "Cookie of the third party on our website".

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics tool of Google (Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA).
Google Analytics can process text files stored on your device (that is, "Cookie") to get information about your web site usage.
Google authorized the use of this information to provide us with website usage analysis, website activity report and other services.
The data collected by using "Cookie" on your web site is usually transmitted to Google server in the US for analysis and storage. These data will not merge with other data that you may save in Google.
In addition, we also use the shielding function "anonymizeIP". Your IP address will be deleted within the European Union before being transmitted to the Google server in the US. In only a few cases, the undeleted IP address will be transmitted, but then it will be deleted on the US server.
The following measures may be taken to prevent this treatment:
You can set your browser to not save any "Cookie". But this may lead to incomplete functions of our website.
In addition, data collection can be prevented through the Google browser plug-in.


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