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Other companies under the flag

Its three main brands are Odeh Bass, Tope Taco, Beijing star and car wash kingdom.
  • Tope Taco

    Topptak toptech is Oude's bass Autobase technology headquarters in 2007 to be formally pushed to the world's top demand market. Its appearance represents the Oude Barth automatic car washing technology leading the world's landmark brand.


  • Oude bass

    "Oude bass a series automatic washing line is made of precision aluminum alloy. The whole machine can fulfill the commercial washing demand of 3 m...


  • Depot car wash

    The Debao tunnel type car washer is one of the most popular automatic line washing machines under the Oude Barth flag, which has been widely used...


  • Star of Beijing

    The Beijing star (North Star BEIXING) is the medium - end product line for the Chinese market launched by Oude bass. All the technical bases are...



  • Enterprise introduction

    Oude bath car washing equipment has 20 years of experience in the global automatic car washer manufacturing field. It is an important pillar enterprise under the Oude bass washing industry. Its design and R & D team is formed by German engineers and Chinese engineers, and the patent technology and trademark of R & D are protected by international protection. Stable quality assurance makes Oude bass world renowned. More than 72 countries in the world are using Oude customer washing machine's large customer base. In 2009, it was rated as the fastest growing and most competitive car washing machine brand by the international car wash Association. In 2010, it was selected by the Ministry of Commerce as the representative of Shanghai World Expo private enterprise star enterprise.


  • Supplier

    We make products not only for the benefit of the world, but also for the benefit of the producers of products. Globally, millions of people are employed by our various suppliers. The decisions we make may have an important impact on their lives and the communities in which they live. It is our great responsibility to protect the rights and interests of everyone in the supply chain and make every effort to protect the fragile environment of the planet. Because of this, we are dedicated to every detail of the product manufacturing; and that is why we are energetically investing resources for education and training, providing various opportunities and tools to help the suppliers' employees, not only for the present, but also for the future.


  • Location

    Oude bath AUTOBASE enjoys a high reputation in the field of automotive services. The existing chain of professional service stores throughout China and the world's large cities.



Company address:No. 88, Jianguo Road, Beijing, SOHO modern city A 3901

Company phone:86-10-8580-2890

Company fax:400-863-0009

Company mailbox:china@carwash.cn