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car wash Kingdom pays attention to environmental protection consciousness, especially the newly built international standard environmental protection car wash center is putting environmental protection in the first strategic position. The Oude bass washing industry cluster is equipped with the technical R & D advantages of the German Oude bass (Europe) and the top technical platform in the world, which are equipped with a new generation of biotech German car wash sewage treatment system, which can handle the water washing water over international standards. Because of the leading technology and the unprecedented attention to environmental protection, the environmental protection standards of the car wash Kingdom have become the benchmarks and enterprises of the global car washing industry, and become the makers and leaders of the industry standards.

damage to vehicles, especially surfaces and accessories, is no less harmful than car damage, because car washing is the most frequent consumer service.

in the daily vehicle service process, it is not difficult to see that the degree of damage to the surface of the vehicle is already very serious. Even the majority of scratches can not be repaired simply, and they must be repainted before they can be completely solved.

The mission of

car wash kingdom is to let car owners pay attention to the daily car wash process, because this determines the degree of injury on the surface of the paint. The kingdom of car washing is to transmit the positive energy to the society to protect the lacquer surface and facilities of the original vehicle, and advocate a brand-new car washing method, the popularization of knowledge and the effectiveness of car washing.

car wash kingdom to protect the original car surface is an unshakable mission, making the daily car washing process easy to enjoy, the maximum protection of the surface and decorative parts of the car paint is not damaged. In the daily car wash process, besides cleaning the dirt and grease on the surface of the vehicle effectively, it is necessary to maintain the cleaning process. The king of the car wash is the world's top automatic car washing machine technology and the world's top car wash wax liquid supplies, for more than 15-30 days of protection for the surface of the car paint (because the daily car washing cycle is the longest for 7-20 days). This allows every car wash process to maintain the surface of the vehicle uninterrupted. The car wash country has adopted the world's leading neutral wash liquid and wax liquid, which effectively guaranteed the cleaning effect and effectively protected the oxidation process of the vehicle surface.



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    After 15 years of steady development, Oude bass is the foundation of our progress. We advocate that every step of Oude bath can be stopped by people's text.


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